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Twitch is a famous video live streaming platform mostly popular in the United States. This web-based platform also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and ‘in real life’ streams also. This article describes some most popular live video game streamer’s details and their streaming field’s information. Their popularity is examined according to the number of followers. So, read this article thoroughly to get detailed knowledge about the topmost live streamers on Twitch. 

Shroud:shroud-twitch-1024x626 (1)

Michael Grzesiek, commonly popular as Shroud, is a resident of Canada and currently has more than 6.9 million followers on Twitch. He becomes famous for the live streaming of Counter Strike and he is a pro player at CS: GO. 

You can check his YouTube or Instagram profile for more information. The links are given below,

YouTube Channel:

Myth:tsm-myth-1024x630 (1)

Myth is an American YouTuber and a popular Twitch Streamer who owned his popularity for the streaming of Fortnite and he is known to be one of the best builders of the Fortnite community. He was born in Michigan and currently lives in Dallas, Texas, The United States. His former channel name is myth. You can find him on youtube and Instagram also. 

The name of his Fortnite team is Solo Mid (TSM) and he is the captain of this team. Myth has 4 million subscribers and 210 million viewers on his You Tube channel named ‘Myth’ and has 35 million viewers on his Twitch channel named ‘TSM_Myth’. 

YouTube Channel:

Tfue:tfue-twitch-streamer-1024x629 (1)

Tfue or Turner Ellis Tenney is one of the common name among Twitch streamers. He has currently 7 million followers which is more than Shroud and this makes him the top streamer on Twitch in 2020. 

His rise to fame came with the game named Battle Royale but he started his journey with Fortnite. Later, he earned his popularity for the streaming of Battle Royale. His you tube account link is given below,

YouTube Channel:

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Summit 1G: 

summit-1g-1024x621 (1)

The real name of Summit 1G is Jaryd Lazar and he has 3.9 million followers on his Twitch channel. Summit 1G is one of the top streamers on Twitch and mostly popular for the game Counter Striker: Global Offensive. He played for the recreational team A51 and the team Mythic. 

Now, he has engaged himself in a very popular game named GTA V and has been spending most of his time on Twitch for streaming GTA V. 

YouTube Channel:


She is one of the top most streamers on Twitch platform and one of the most popular female streamer also. Pokimane’s real name is ImaneAnys and she is most known for streaming GTA V, Fortnite, League of Legends and many more popular games. Instead of game streaming, she is also popular for her You Tube creativity and overall media activity. Though she is not regular on Twitch platform, her active presence on other social platforms make a unique personality and also helps her to stand strong among those famous male gamers. She has 6.69 million subscribers on her your tube channel named Pokimane. 

Her you tube channel link is given below,

YouTube Channel:


dakatoz-1024x634 (1)

Dakotaz or Brett Hoffman, mostly popular as Dark or DK, is one of the leading name on Twitch platform. He gains major followers after streaming the game named Fortnite. Currently he has 4 million followers on Twitch and 2.87 million subscribers on his you tube channel. DK is one of the top quality content creators on You Tube also. His approach on social media should make him as the top Twitch streamer in recent years.

YouTube Channel:

Tim the Tatmantim-the-tat-man-twitch-1024x644 (1)

With over 4 million folllowers on Twitch, Timothy John Betar a.k.a TimtheTatman, has become a famous American Twitch streamer and an Internet personality. He has succesfully made his spot among the top 10 most followed channels on Twitch. However recently he has been facing a little trouble as his streamate Ninja announced his departure from Twitch and moved to Mixer. With his full time streaming of  World of  Warcraft Classic, fans have high expectations for him and they want to see their favourite streamer keep his title in 2020 as well.

YouTube Channel: 

TSM Daequantsm-daequan-1568x882

Daequan  Loco also known as TSM Daequan is an American professional Esports player and a very popular Fortnite streamer. Although he has played a wide range of games, he is known for his Fortnite content. He is a part of the TSM Fortnite team (Team SoloMid). With over 3 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.2 million subscribers on Twitch, Daequan is among the list of famous Twitch streamers. His net worth is estimated around $200,000.

YouTube Channel:

Dr. Disrespectdisrespect-twitch-1024x609

With over 4 million followers on Twitch, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV commonly known by his gamer name Dr. Disrespect, has gained massive popularity and has become an Internet personality. He is an American streamer and his content mainly consists of  battle royale games like , PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Call of  Duty : Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc. However, he faced a little bit controversy with his permanent ban from Twitch on June 2020. He made a comeback to the gaming world in August 2020, with his youtube channel Dr. Disrespect and has gained over 3.5 million subscribers. 

YouTube Channel: 

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Dr. Lupodr-lupo

Benjamin lupo commonly known as Dr. Lupo is a famous American Twitch streamer with over 4 million followers on Twitch. He is a professional player for Rogue gaming and has often streamed with famous streamers like Ninja, Myth and TimtheTatman. He has done a great amount of charity work by raising $600,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and also raising $2.3 million for the same hospital. 

YouTube Channel: 



Nickmercs is a famous American Twitch streamer who is best known for his Fortnite streams. His real name is Nicholas Kolcheff and he is the co- owner of the famous esports and entertainment organization, FaZe Clan. He has over 6 million followers on Twitch.

YouTube Channel: 


Tom Cassell, better known by his gaming name Syndicate, is a famous British YouTuber, Twitch streamer and vlogger. He has over 9 million subscribers on Youtube  and over 3 million followers on Twitch. He is famous for his gameplay of  Minecraft, Call of  Duty: Black Ops III, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

YouTube Channel: 


Imaqtpie is a famous Twitch streamer and an American League of Legends player. His real name is Micheal Santana and he formerly played professionally for Team Dignitas. He left Team Dignitas in 2014 and started a full time streaming career on Twitch. He has over 2.6 million on Twitch.

YouTube Channel: 


Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV known by his Internet alias Sodapoppin, is a famous American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and an Internet personality. He has over 3 million on Twitch and has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. 

YouTube Channel: 

Sypher Pk

Ali Hassan better known by his online alias Sypher Pk, is a famous American Twitch streamer. He is famous for his Fortnite gameplays. He is one of the oldest streamers and has been streaming on Twitch as back as 2012.  He is also famous for his amazingly high kills in Fortnite and his critical thinking and skills are unmatched.  He continues to maintain his skills and has made an ever growing community of over 1 million followers on major social media platforms including YouTube. 

YouTube Channel: 


With over 4 million Twitch followers, Tyler Steinkamp or Tyler1 is an American internet personality and a gamer. He is among the most popular League of Legends gamers and has earned the title, “The Most Toxic Player in North America” for his disruptive behavior towards other streamers.  

YouTube Channel:


Saqib Ali Zahid commonly known by the his internet alias Lirik, is an American streamer and has over 2 million followers on Twitch. He is known for his World of Warcraft and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplays. He is sponsored by Discord and is among the top 200 influencers that Discord pays for promotion.

YouTube Channel: 

Nightblue 3

Nightblue 3 is an American professional gamer and Twitch streamer. His original name is Rabia Yazbek and he has over 2 million followers on twitch. He is known for his League of Legends gameplays. He joined the professional gaming group Team Sirens A but later he left the team and joined Team SoloMid. He contributed to the charity by raising about $30,000 for Save The Children organization. 

YouTube Channel: 


Alan Ferreira commonly known by his gamer name Alanzoka is a Brazilian streamer with over 1 million followers on Twitch and over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. He is known for playing the famous horror game Five Nights At Freddy. 

YouTube Channel: 


Lee Sang hyeok commonly known by his gamer alias Faker is a South Korean professional gamer and streamer. He is popular for his League of Legends gameplays and is regarded as the best League of Legends of all time. He was formerly known as GoJeonPa on the Korean server. He is a part of the Korean gaming team SK Telecom T1 since 2013 and plays as the team’s mid laner. 


Jack Dunlop a.k.a  CouRageJD is an American professional streamer and famous YouTube personality. He is also the co owner of 100 Thieves. He casted events for Major League Gaming and was an Optic Gaming Content Creator. He has over 2 million Twitch followers and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. 

YouTube Channel: 


Jimmy Moreno known by his gaming alias HighDistortion is an American gamer and Twitch streamer. He plays a wide variety of video games but he gained popularity by playing Fortnite. On January 20, 2019, he accumalated 100,000 eliminations and thus broke the previous record set by the famous streamer Ninja. 

YouTube Channel: 


Dennis Lepore was better known by his internet alias Cloakzy is an American YouTuber, professional gamer and Twitch streamer. Formerly known as Faze Cloakzy, he was a part of the famous esports organization Faze Clan. He is known for playing Fortnite along with his partner Tfue regularly and in tournaments. He had a keen interest in gaming since his childhood and that passion fuelled him to open up a youtube channel. In 2015 he started his youtube channel and presently has over 1 million subscribers on youtube. He also has over 1.8 million twitch followers. He joined the Faze Clan on March 3, 2018 alongside with Jaomock, 72hrs and Spaceleon. He was chosen as the captain of the Faze Fortnite Roster. He won the Fall Skirmish Tournament with Tfue on October 2018. He left the Faze Clan on June 2019, few weeks after the departure of Tfue from the Faze Clan. 

YouTube Channel: 

Honourable Mentions

  • C9 sneaky
  • Symfuhny
  • Mongraal
  • King Richard
  • GoldGlove
  • Dedreviil2
  • Elded
  • PhantomL0rd
  • Yoda 
  • Xqcow
  • Trick2g
  • Captainsparklez
  • NL_kripp
  • WTCN
  • Squeezielive
  • Arigameplays
  • Doublelift
  • Aydan
  • Swiftor
  • Fernanfloo
  • Izakooo
  • Yassuo
  • Jahrein
  • Forsen
  • Amouranth
  • Cohhcarnage
  • Sovietwomble
  • Jericho
  • Voyboy
  • Mr. Fresh Asian
  • Disguised Toast
  • Kitty Plays
  • Anomaly
  • Pasha Biceps
  • Dyrus


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