First Stream Guide

Streaming has become a wonderful way of expressing one’s feelings and opinions. It is quickly becoming an art in the form of short or long videos, reels and it is generating its own fan base quite rapidly. There are multiple options and subjects to choose from while streaming your video. Some people choose to stream lifestyle videos when others choose to stream games or sports and even making foods. It is also a platform to present your hobby to a wider audience.First Stream Guide

But as it has plenty of good things, it also sometimes may become difficult for the first-time streamers to cope up with the pressure to maintain the quality of their videos. In this article, you will be guided carefully to learn how to tackle those problems in your first stream.

Starting your First Stream on PC

Twitch Stream on PC

How to start your first stream on PC?

Streaming good quality videos demands a lot apart from your hard work. The basic requirements are as follows,

  1. A very good quality digital camera, preferably DSLRs. 
  2. A very high-speed internet connection in order to upload the videos.
  3. Account in a famous online video streaming platform.
  4. At least 8 – 16 GB of RAM in the device to process the video.
  5. A good quality video editor with all the modern digital features and that editor should be good enough to handle long videos also.
  6. Broadcasting or streaming software like OBS.

How to start your First Stream in Nintendo Switch?nintendo-switch-stream

If a question has popped up in your mind and that is if it’s possible to stream in Nintendo Switch, then there is some good news for you. It is very much possible to stream in Nintendo switch. All you need to do is to purchase an Elgato Capture Card in order to eligible to stream in Nintendo switch. You can connect your card with the PC or Laptop and then you are completely ready to start streaming in Nintendo Switch. Quickly create a brand new Twitch account and you will be streaming in no time.

Best Software to Broadcast the Streams

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS)

It is one of the most famous open-source software and it is available in all the major operating systems. You can use it in Mac, Linux, or in Windows. Its the simple user interface and user-friendly features have ensured that it assists the new streamers in every possible ways. Twitch or the application Mixer can easily be used through this application.


It is brought to you by Telestream. It is also a very good broadcasting application that allows the users to live stream different videos on demand from the viewers.


XSplit is on the list of best broadcasting software since the year 2016. It’s one of the applications that introduces lag-free streaming in almost all subjects and it is becoming popular very quickly among the new streamers.


The software vMix was introduced by the famous company Studio cast PTY Limited. It is one of the top-notch vision mixing software that allows the users to mix the vision of their videos. The users can easily update and control the mixing and switching of both pre recorded and live streamed videos. In this software 4K video making is also supported. 

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Hope that the above information has helped you in streaming your first video. Both the famous gaming platforms, i.e. Xbox and the Play station have options that enable the users to live stream from those gaming platforms directly.

Streaming might be hard work most of the time. So keep up the good work and hang on tough, you will surely get what you deserve with your hard work. Thanks for visiting our website If you have any questions or doubts regarding this article, leave a comment below and we will resolve it to the earliest. 

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