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Most streamers, content creators, and eSports Organizations get paid with 1099 without any further deductions. But when the Tax season comes around, you are liable for your own taxes and all the money you are paid is to be claimed on your tax return. In this scenario, one usually needs the help of an accountant or a Tax Advisor. Moreover, if the accountant or the Tax Advisor has specialization in gaming and eSports, then it becomes easier for the streamer or the eSports Organization.

As of tournament victories, Twitch Bit Donation, YouTube Ad Revenue or sponsorships, you will need an eSports accountant to help you set aside all of your funds to cover your tax bills and help you to establish a sound and safe financial future. 

These are 5 Accounting Consultancies and Companies that you might look forward to when you will deal with the matter of financee-sports-accounting-harvex-io-1-1024x342 

Harvey is an accounting firm that mainly keeps its focus on emerging markets like gaming and crypto. They have a team of highly experienced advisors and accountants. They specialize in most of the emerging markets namely eSports, Online Gaming, Cryptocurrency, etc. They have the experience of working with the world’s leading gaming, eSports, and Cryptocurrency companies.

Harvey’s team of specialists will guide you in establishing your own organization and help in all of your financial matters involving YouTube Ad Revenue, Sponsorship Taxes, official website>> 

Shahen Derderian & Associates

Shahen Derderian & Associates is a private wealth management organization that has a dedicated team of experts who focus mainly on eSports accounting for teams and gamers. They also have the experience of working with lifestyle vloggers, gamers and content creators at a personal level and they develop a financial plan at a lower price than many big wealth management organizations. Shahen Derderian & Associates maintains a record of your bill payments and cash flow to ensure that you have the required amount of money whenever you need it and also makes sure that there is sufficient money in your account as well. They specialize in eSports, Sports, Music & Entertainment, Trustee Services, Family office, and Independent Film Accounting. 

Shahen Derderian & Associates official website >> 

Fusion Certified Public Accountants

Fusion Certified Public Accountants is a Certified Public Accountants Consultancy. It specializes in book keeping, eSports, business advisory and taxes. Fusion Certified Public Accountants takes a holistic approach to financial planning. Fusion Certified Public Accountants assists companies with their business advisory and help them realize their goals. Fusion Certified Public Accountants has a dynamic team that remains up to date with the latest software and technology so that they can help to resolve the financial problems of various companies to the maximum.


Fusion CPA’s team of expert financial consultants helps gamers and eSports Organizations in managing financial issues, sponsorships, YouTube Ad Revenue, tournament victories, tax obligations and more. They value each and every client and ensure that the best quality service is provided to the companies. Fusion Certified Public Accountants believes in having quality work alongwith a healthy work environment.

Future of Esports Accounting and the Importance of a Strong Financial Consultant by Fusion CPA

Fusion Certified Public Accountants official website>> 

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Make Cents Accounting

Make Cents Accounting is a wealth management firm that works closely with gamers and eSports Organizations providing them business ideas, accounting advice and industry insight. It enables companies to have strong and independent decision making in the financial sector. Since eSports is a rapidly changing and developing sector, it needs to have specialised business advice and expert financial management. Make Cents Accounting understands this situation and helps eSports Organizations to the fullest. Make Cents Accounting provide CFO Services (Chief Financial Officer Services) so that eSports Organizations can benefit from the knowledge and services of an experienced financial management team rather than spending money on engaging full time employees. 

Make Cents Accounting official website>> 

Rise Family Accounting

Rise Family Accounting is an Accounting firm. It is one of the first Accounting firms in Australia to take up an active specialization in the eSports industry. Whether it is a large eSport organization or small start up business, Rise Family Accounting supports each and every eSports businesses by proudly standing with them and positioning themselves with the organization. They understand the need of structuring and maintaining the business in this rapidly changing sector and thus help accordingly. They are always keeping themselves updated with the latest innovations and technology so that they can provide their maximum services to various eSports Organizations.

Rise Family Accounting official website>> 

If you are looking for a financial advisor, can arrange a meeting with an esport financial consultant for you for free today!

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