Bit Badges and Cheer Leaderboards

Bits are virtual currency that is available on the streaming platform Twitch. They are made to encourage streamers and thus support them. You also get a chance to win a shout out from your favourite streamer, get highlighted in the chat through the use of special emoticons, get recognition through badges and get acknowledged by streamers. You even get a chance to obtain loot from during esports events like Overwatch League Cheering. 

Rather than donations or prime subscriptions, bits are “cheered”. Cheering unlocks animated emoticons, special badges and many more. Cheering shows your support towards the streamers of twitch and thus giving them encouragement. In return you get Cheer Chat Badges so that your support is recognized by the channel that you are supporting for. 

Twitch Bit Badges

Bit badges are customizable badges that streamers can customize with a custom design and name to create custom branding for their channel and their audience. Bit badges are now available to all streamers, partners and affiliates. Bit badges can be applied to the following 

  1. Single bit 
  2. Hundred bits
  3. Thousand bits
  4. Five million bits (This is also called a top level bit badge)

Bit badges help your community stand out for their support. 

Bit Donations Leaderboardtwitch-cheer-leaderboard

Leaderboards are a great way to show your support towards your channel to other viewers. Channels that have enabled Top Cheerers, top 3 cheerers are displayed on the top of the chat window. 

When does the Bit Donation leaderboard reset?

Weekly leaderboards are reset every Monday at 12.00 AM PT (Pacific Time). Monthly leaderboards are reset on the last day of the month.

How long do you keep your bit donation leaderboard, and bit badges?

If you manage to get on the leaderboard, you will retain that spot as long as someone overtakes you. Once you are overtaken you will lose that badge and will get another badge. For example if you made the number 1 spot, you will hold that spot unless someone overtakes you and obtains the number 1 spot. You will then lose the number one badge and the assigned another badge. If the creator has turned the leaderboard to “weekly”, then the leaderboard will be refreshed every Monday at 12.00 am PT. If the creator has turned the leaderboard to “monthly”, then the leaderboard will be refreshed on the last day of every month. Once the leaderboard is refreshed, then the existing top 3 badges will lose their spots and new badges who have qualified for the top 3 spot are displayed. 

What happens when a Top Cheerer or Gifter is banned / unbanned from a channel?

Once a top cheerer is banned from the channel, they will lose their badge and everyone below him will move up. If he/she is unbanned then they will become eligible to take part in the leaderboard but they will not retain their previous position and will have to qualify for that position again. These bans will not have an overall effect on the leaderboard. If however the channel is banned, then it will affect the leaderboard settings. 

What if I don’t want to be included on a leaderboard?

If you don’t want to be in the leaderboard and want to remain anonymous about or cheers, turn on Hide Progressive Gifter Badge and Gifts Given Count in your Security and Privacy settings.

Uploading Twitch Badges

Before uploading twitch badges, you need to have the following requirements:

  1. The badge image to be uploaded should be in png format.
  2. You should have all the images of the following resolutions:

i.18 X 18 px

  1. 36 X 36 px

iii. 72 X 72 px

Follow these steps to upload your badge image:

  1. Go to your desired Bits reward tier
  2. Click on “Edit”
  3. Enter the name of your badge under the “Badge name” section
  4. Click and drop the image file in each of the boxes under the section “Badge image”
  5. Click on “Save”
  6. You have successfully uploaded your badge image to your site

Viewers who already have a bit badge have to cheer once in order for their badge to be updated to the new settings.

 If you want to reset your badge to default, click on “Reset to default” under your custom badge and then click on save.

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Managing Bit Badges 

To manage and customize your Bit badges and Bits reward tier, click on Preferences (which is on the left sidebar) and then on Partner or Affiliate. Under Bits and Cheering section, scroll down to Bits Tier Badges. In this section, you can choose the bit badges that you will display on your channel. You can also customize your badges on the basis the total Bit Cheer. Viewers unlock badges based on the total bit they use to cheer you. The highest badge will appear next to the name of the viewer. You can also turn off Badge tiers and badges for your channel.


Global Twitch Badges

Name of Badge URL
1979 Revolution
60 Seconds!!/details
60 Seconds!!/details
60 Seconds!!/details
Anomaly 2
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Axiom Verge
Battle Chef Brigade
Battle Chef Brigade
Battle Chef Brigade
cheer 1
cheer 100
cheer 1000
cheer 5000
cheer 10000
cheer 25000
cheer 50000
cheer 75000
cheer 100000
cheer 200000
cheer 300000
cheer 400000
cheer 500000
cheer 600000
cheer 700000
cheer 800000
cheer 900000
cheer 1000000
cheer 1250000
cheer 1500000
cheer 1750000
cheer 2000000
cheer 2500000
cheer 3000000
cheer 3500000
cheer 4000000
cheer 4500000
cheer 5000000
Direct Relief – Charity 2018
Bits Leader 1
Bits Leader 2
Bits Leader 3
Broken Age
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
Power Clipper
Darkest Dungeon
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Enter The Gungeon
Frozen Cortext
Frozen Synapse
Getting Over It
Getting Over It
GLHF Pledge
Heavy Bullets
Hello Neighbor
Jackbox Party Pack
Kingdom: New Lands
OWL All-Access Pass 2018
OWL All-Access Pass 2018
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
OWL All-Access Pass 2019
Twitch Prime
Raiden V
The Surge
The Surge
The Surge
This War of Mine
Titan Souls
Treasure Adventure World
TwitchCon 2017
TwitchCon 2018
TwitchCon EU 2019
TwitchCon NA 2019
2017 VGA Champ

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