Twitch Alerts

Twitch alerts are custom notifications that are enabled so that streamers can acknowledge the contribution of viewers to their stream. These alerts are usually in the form of on-screen visuals and they can be in a variety of forms. They do everything from thanking a viewer, welcoming a new member, set off sound alerts at … Read more

First Stream Guide

Streaming has become a wonderful way of expressing one’s feelings and opinions. It is quickly becoming an art in the form of short or long videos, reels and it is generating its own fan base quite rapidly. There are multiple options and subjects to choose from while streaming your video. Some people choose to stream … Read more

eSports Accounting Firms

Most streamers, content creators, and eSports Organizations get paid with 1099 without any further deductions. But when the Tax season comes around, you are liable for your own taxes and all the money you are paid is to be claimed on your tax return. In this scenario, one usually needs the help of an accountant … Read more

Top Twitch Streamers

Twitch is a famous video live streaming platform mostly popular in the United States. This web-based platform also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and ‘in real life’ streams also. This article describes some most popular live video game streamer’s details and their streaming field’s information. Their popularity is examined according to the number of followers. … Read more

Bit Badges and Cheer Leaderboards

Bits are virtual currency that is available on the streaming platform Twitch. They are made to encourage streamers and thus support them. You also get a chance to win a shout out from your favourite streamer, get highlighted in the chat through the use of special emoticons, get recognition through badges and get acknowledged by … Read more