Twitch Bits to USD Calculator

Twitch bits to USD calculator will convert the Twitch bits to US dollars and also US dollars to Twitch bits. This is a live view of Twitch to US Dollar conversion! When you are watching Twitch online streams of any of your favorite streamers, they get money from your views in Twitch currency that is bits. But is it possible to calculate 1000 bits to USD? No, it is not possible that is the reason you have to use Twitch bits to USD calculator. 

Live Twitch to USD Conversion 

Bits  Dollars 
1 $0.01 
100 $1
200 $2
300 $3
400 $4
500 $5
600 $6
700 $7
800 $8
900 $9
1000 $10
1500 $15
2000 $20
2500 $25
5000 $50
7500 $75
10,000 $100
15,000 $150
25,000 $250
35,000 $350
50,000 $500
75,000 $750
100,000 $1000
100000000 $1000000 
100000000000 $1000000000 

Live Price and Discount for Twitch Cheer Bits 

Bits  Dollars/Discount
100 bits $1.40
500 bits  $7
1,500 bits 19.95 (25% discount)
5,000 bits  $64.40 (8% discount)
10,000 bits  $126.00 (10% discount)
25,000 bits  $308 (12% discount) 

Conversion Table (Latest Exchange Rate)

0.01 Bitstar = 0.000042 US Dollar
0.1 Bitstar = 0.000415 US Dollar
1 Bitstar = 0.004151 US Dollar
2 Bitstar = 0.008302 US Dollar
3 Bitstar = 0.012453 US Dollar
5 Bitstar = 0.020756 US Dollar
10 Bitstar = 0.041511 US Dollar
20 Bitstar = 0.083022 US Dollar
50 Bitstar = 0.207556 US Dollar
100 Bitstar = 0.415112 US Dollar
1000 Bitstar = 4.151125 US Dollar

Twitch Bit Guide – What the *#!% is a Bit?


What are Twitch Bits? And Twitch Bits to USD? 

Twitch bits are small donations that viewers gave to their favorite twitch streamers. The gamers can use these bits as a form of virtual currency for purchasing on gaming sites. People who donate buy these twitch bits from Amazon. 

When any twitch streamer is streaming online the viewers can cheer him up by using bits. For example, if a person donates 1000 bits and if we convert those bits into currency it will cost him $10 as 1000 bits. When the viewer donates 1000 bits to the stream and he can even participate in the chat on circumstantial gamers chat channel. Even he can use these bits to buy emotes. These emotes are used on particular gamer chat channels it is said the bigger the emotes the more the bits will cost. What are Twitch Bits?

You can additionally include a stream lab tip jar widget on your stream as it shows a picture of clear glass filling up as how many individuals are using the bits on your channel this will help in increase the followers to use extra bits to fill your glass up. 

What is a Cheer Chat Badge?

The viewer is allowed to spend as many bits as he wants the more the bits he/she spends there is more chance of him to get a cheer chat badge. 

We hope that the simple solution of Twitch bits to USD Calculator has helped you a lot but here’s one advice on what you should not include while donating bits. The bits earned from ads in your personal twitch channel you cannot use them as well as bits earned from ads on multiple accounts or even through any script or bot. Cheer Chat Badge


Q1: How to get free bits on Twitch?

This is one of the most commonly searched topics on the internet. There are two ways to get free bits on twitch:

  1. Watch Ads on Twitch
  2. Take Surveys on TwitchR

Q2: How to Cheer bits on mobile?

You can easily cheer bits to your favorite twitch streamer by using your mobile. Twitch mobile application got new cheer bits to feature in the recent update.twitch-bit-donation-mobile-577x1024-1

Q3: How to buy Twitch Bits?

You can easily buy Twitch bits by clicking on the buy bits button at the end of the chat. Select the package as preferred and buy bits.How to buy Twitch Bits?


This article is your complete guide on Twitch bits to USD calculator. You can ask any questions or give feedback in the comment section below. We hope you liked the guide and it helped you with your query.